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I started therapy in September. I came out as transgender in October. I separated from my wife and started HRT in November.


I was divorced as of February 1. I socially transitioned on February 6. My gender was corrected by April. And I’ve been authentically me now for over a year. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Have you ever had a thought in your brain that you knew had potential pot-stirring abilities, but you knew it had to be said out loud so it didn’t cause more trouble in your mind? This is kind of one of those.

I walked away from “The Church.”
I did not walk away from my belief in God or the gospel.


I grew up an evangelical Christian. It took a great portion of my life to reconcile my beliefs with being transgender – which I was able to do and it gave me the strength to come out as my authentic self.

I walked away from “The Church” but I did not walk away from my belief in God or the gospel. My faith is stronger now than it’s ever been.

Here’s the thought:

“The Church” claims to be open, loving, and tells people to ‘come as they are.’ Isn’t the church supposed to be there for those ‘in need?’

My ex-wife and I went to the same church here in my hometown, off and on (but rather consistently) since we moved back in 2012. Minus COVID, we attended for roughly 7 years.

Authentically me.

Because of my “secret” and all of the thoughts and beliefs that surround being LGBTQIA+ in certain Christian circles, I didn’t have any close friends. But my ex-wife did as did my kids.

You’ve made it this far, you’ve read my TL:DR and you know a bit about everything I’ve gone through in just one short year.

In the past year, there hasn’t been one single acquaintance or member of that church, the one my parents attend and I attended for 7 years, reach out to me in any way. No one has contacted me to say something as simple as, “We know you’ve been through a lot this year. Are you okay?”

Am I disappointed?
Am I surprised?

To be clear, I’m not calling anyone out. I’m not pointing fingers. I’m simply letting a thought out of my brain before it causes trouble because I tried to keep it locked away and ignore it.

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