Episode 1. Or Vlog 01. Or Something.

I feel like the content here is important enough to give this piece the honor of being my first official YouTube Vlog.

Vlog 01 TLDR: Transition isn’t easy. I miss my kids.

Another learning video. I set my Canon M50 up to capture video. I placed my iPhone on the desk to capture a second audio source. I thought I was doing well. I did not pay attention to just how loud my MacBook fans were (external monitor plugged in) and how close the recording devices were to those fans… Crap. After 2-days of learning and playing with various EQ controls in FCPX, I said, “Fine,” and uploaded the video as it was.

But it bothered me. Not content to leave it alone, I pulled the audio track into Logic Pro (with only a vague idea of what was possible) and to my own amazement, cleaned the fan noise up enough to feel okay about posting the video.

Yes. I will pay more attention to my recording setup in the future. And yes, a quality external mic is on my Amazon hotlist.

Lesson learned. Content creation not deterred.

As always, I am sincere in my thanks. I genuinely appreciate your time. Thanks for watching. 🙂


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