I’m doing okay.

Pints and Pools Craft Beer Fest
Pints and Pools Craft Beer Fest 2021

That doesn’t mean it’s been easy. I’m only two months post divorce (officially). We were pretty well separated when I moved out November 1.

Moving on with your own life when someone else was so closely a part of that life for so long – it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever been faced with. It’s harder than it was to come out, decide to transition, and start living full time as a woman. 😳

The divorce post is brewing. It’s a hard one to write so I’ve only let it brew in my head. It hasn’t found it’s way to keyboard yet.

Having said that, I’m doing okay. I went to a craft beer fest and hung out with acquaintances. I chatted with random strangers. I didn’t let being gendered as a man bother me (thanks 🍺 ), even though you could clearly see what little feminine curves I have going for me.

Sunshine is woman fuel. Tell me I’m wrong.

I’m open to making friends and letting people into my life. I still love my job. I’ve almost finished a book. I’m learning Final Cut Pro X. I’m making an effort at relationship with my brothers and my parents.

And I absolutely love every minute that I get to spend with my kids. Despite all they’ve been through, they still love me and they accept me for who I am. 💕

They still love me and they accept me for who I am. 💕

A girl really can’t ask for more right now.

I hope you are doing well. 🍻


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