Reposted from Instagram with a note: My rest will involve more regular blog posting. I’ve been on a path of discovery, looking for things I truly love to do. Writing is one of them. I give myself permission to be. Dysphoria. It was all-consuming. From the moment I knew I was transgender, it was constant. […]


I posted this on Instagram today. It’s important enough to share a copy here also. Find me there at @hernameistjay I’ve only just begun. But I feel so completely me..I smile easily, laugh often, and feel every tear. I greet each day as an opportunity to be a better human, a better parent, a better […]

I am. I can let go.

water over a bridge

I am transgender. That will always be a core part of who I am. Transition is the part of me that some day, I will be able to let go. There will be a day, I hope, that I can say, “I am me. I am no longer in transition. I am just me.” Of […]

Vlog 02 | I’m T.

Take 2! Multicam Edit. Color correcting. It’s a lot easier with photos. Matching cameras isn’t for the faint of heart. The usual: I got a mic! I’m learning to use it. Better audio soon. Focus Daniel San. I’m sure it’s a lighting issue. I’m still working on the balance between my overheads, ring lights, and […]

A change is coming.

Kate the Audi in Black and White

Tomorrow. Part one happens tomorrow.

I tried blonde. Now I’m going to try something different. I’m excited. If it turns out – amazeballs. If it doesn’t? I can try something else.

The beginning.

“Hormones were probably delayed because my brain was looking for estrogen and my body was like, “nope, that’s not what the purchase order says.”

The beginning.

Spruce tree shot on Canon M50

Episode 2. The middle years. This is a short episode, covering middle school and high school. Why is it short? Middle and high school are blurry. I don’t have any great memories from that period in my life. I can’t even blame puberty – I was a late bloomer. I didn’t fit in. I was […]


Yellow wildflowers

That word should be bigger. It’s so powerful. Even when I try very hard to keep it from being bigger, it just is.

It didn’t hit until after I did my eyes and started my day. Usually doing my eyes helps. It didn’t today.

The beginning.

Late evening in downtown Pagosa Springs

The obvious question:

“When did you know you were trans?”


“Thanks, T1 internet connection, and unsupervised internet use.

The ups and downs.

Pagosa Peak in the distance

To date. I’ve had a lot of each.

It’s a roller coaster that I’m tired of riding. I know I have many laps left before I can get off.