I posted this to Instagram today. It seemed it would be a good fit here too. My first #transformationtuesday #transitiontuesday post.

I think the eyes tell the story.

The choice to be transgender was not mine to make. But life has given me choices that I can make.

I choose to sincerely apologize for the hurt I caused while working to accept myself. I choose to acknowledge and let go of the pain from my past. I choose to let go of the guilt and shame I held too tightly for too long.

I am thankful for all I’ve been through because it has given me the strength to make more choices.

I choose to accept myself as God made me, a beautiful and wonderful creation. I choose to live authentically. I choose to smile without reason, to laugh often, to cry freely, and to seek life’s beautiful moments. I choose a future full of new experiences, new friends, my family, and watching my kids grow up. I choose to let my story be open and freely told so that others might see that it’s possible to be transgender and hold on to your faith.

I choose to love myself as I am. I choose a life full of color.

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  1. T, I’m happy to see you’re living a life full of color and authenticity! We went kindergarten thru high school graduation together, but I feel like I’m only getting to know you right now, as I just discovered your blog. It’s a very brave thing to become who you feel you are meant to be at nearly 40 years-old, especially in a small town! Wishing you the best 🙂

    1. Thanks Sara! There are a lot of people who “don’t know me.” I kept so much hidden out of fear, shame, and guilt. It took almost 40 years to figure out that it was okay to be me! It’s not been an easy road but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s given me a lot of strength I didn’t know I had. 🙂

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