Words. From the heart.

Fall leaves make me happy.

The little boy couldn’t understand why she was different.  The middle school boy didn’t understand why she didn’t fit in.  The high school boy truly believed she was a mistake and destined for hell.  The college boy’s eyes were opened to the fact that she was transgender.  She wrestled with herself, wanting so desperately to […]

The Change. Pt 1.

Call her pumpkin spice

Manifesting. Positive Energy. Faith. I’m not sure how it all works together, but it does. I had someone turn down buying my truck on Tuesday to “think about it.” I asked for the truck to sell this week to someone who needed it. That happened today. 😮 Someone mentioned auburn hair. I thought it sounded […]

A change is coming.

Kate the Audi in Black and White

Tomorrow. Part one happens tomorrow.

I tried blonde. Now I’m going to try something different. I’m excited. If it turns out – amazeballs. If it doesn’t? I can try something else.

Life. Is. Good. :)

Her name is T Jay


It’s good. If I didn’t have down times I wouldn’t be human.

I’m sitting here in my comfy chair, listening to music, typing on my laptop and I am content.

I am transgender

I am not choosing my gender.

I am choosing to show the world, on the outside, who I have always been on the inside.

Still here.

A musk thistle

It hit me today. I’m going to miss a significant portion of my kids lives because I’m transgender.

Let’s hit reset.

Hot air balloons over Village Lake

I started this blog amid massive life changes and deep emotional trauma. It was exactly the outlet I needed as I began to process all of it. ALL. OF. IT.

It’s time to hit reset.

A walk in the woods.

Sundays are not usually my day with my kids. The schedule is to have them back with their mom by mid-morning. I wanted to go to a concert this afternoon and the afterparty this evening.

It’s not my fault.

A quick wildflower digital art piece

Before coming out I was really good at one thing in particular. Holding on to the pain and misery of it “being all my fault.” All of the fucking time.

It still hurts.

Colors after the rain

It.Still.Fucking.Hurts. I wasn’t enough. I’m not worth knowing. I did irreparable damage over 15 years. She’s embarrassed of me. She’s ashamed to have been married to me. She doesn’t want people to know that I’m the ex. “She’s not my husband.” Some of these I still feel so strongly at times. Others zip in and […]