I’ve just been dealing with life. My ex-wife is moving 6 hours away. We’ve decided to have our kids do school there.

Just finished crying. Let your emotions flow. If you hold them, you’ll explode.

This shit is hard.

I’m processing.

Did I mention this shit is hard?

It hit me today. I’m going to miss a significant portion of my kids lives because I’m transgender.

her name is T Jay

Sure. It’s not all of it. We probably would have found ourselves getting a divorce at some point anyway. But being trans was THE straw.

Fucking ouch.

I’m not going anywhere though. I have a lot of thoughts that will find their way into the blog. I’ve launched my Etsy store. YouTube is next – I just need to pull the trigger on a good mic. Or not. It’s coming anyway.

It’s time to stop being afraid of shit. Right now, producing content is what I need. It’s my secondary therapy.

It’s coming.

#LiveAuthentic #LivePositive

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