This is a quick update post. I’m still here. I’m still working on content.

I’m T.

Work has kept me exceptionally busy and when not working, I’ve just been tired.

Work stuff. I’ve really been enjoying the challenge of my new job. I just recently completed the longest video edit I’ve ever done. Nine minutes long. I have so much respect for editors who put together feature films.

Why am I tired?

Part of it is sugar. Evil stuff. I’ve had way too much since Halloween. Maybe even before. It makes me feel like crap and I’m on a new mission to have far less.

Part of it is sugar. Evil stuff.


I think part of it is hormones. I feel like I’m seeing a pretty major shift. Maybe the estrogen is finally squashing my testosterone?

I feel like I’m really starting to see some curve development.

And maybe it’s just because I’m 40. I’ve found my authenticity. I’ve found my confidence. I’ve opened my mind to new ideas. I’m finding incredible friends. I know who I am and I know my place.

Maybe the adrenaline is starting to wane and my body is telling me to take minute.


I really can’t say.

What I can say is that more content is on the way – video, blog, IG and FB stories. I’m really enjoying creating.

I’m still here. Catch you in a few. 🙂

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