Truly. I don’t think there are any more coming outs that I have to undergo. I came out to my ex-wife and kids in October. I came out to my parents shortly after and my two brothers not long after that. I followed by coming out to a close friend I knew would understand some of what I was going through.

T Jay on the day she came out at work
The day I came out. To everyone.

Then I started with work. I came out to HR at work because I knew my transition would change things at the office. After HR is was to a manager whom I greatly respect. There were a few others after that.

My direct manager was next. Admittedly, I would have had that conversation much sooner, but you know… Covid. It was the type of conversation that needed to happen in person, you know?

I went in to work at the office last Friday and came out to two more coworkers. Today we had a staff meeting and you guessed it; I came out to two more.

Where is this going? This afternoon I sent out an email to ALL.

Yes. I did.

I emailed 100% of my coworkers to let them know I was transgender, that they would notice some changes over the next several months (if they hadn’t noticed any so far) and that I was changing my pronouns to she/her.

I don’t think it gets more out than that. My coworkers even practiced a little today and it made me smile.

Today, I am still happy to be me.

This is today’s bit of personal truth. I find it is easier to live as myself when I don’t have to expend most all of my energy trying to keep a secret that doesn’t matter from people who don’t care and see me as me.

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