A Reintroduction.

Hey, Beautiful Humans. I had to step away to do more work on myself. I continue to have therapy appointments every two weeks. I’ve made sure to check in with my primary care doctor. The part I’m most excited about is that I am about to complete 10 weeks of Voice Therapy – which has […]

I do to entrepreneurship. I don’t know my energy.

I’m back on YouTube after a short break. I know I want to have a side hustle. I know I’m capable of being successful. Now I’m working on just how to do that. I think a big first step is alignment. Getting my energies aligned and gaining some focus. It’s all part of my personal […]

Vlog 02 | I’m T.

Take 2! Multicam Edit. Color correcting. It’s a lot easier with photos. Matching cameras isn’t for the faint of heart. The usual: I got a mic! I’m learning to use it. Better audio soon. Focus Daniel San. I’m sure it’s a lighting issue. I’m still working on the balance between my overheads, ring lights, and […]

Vlog 01 | Transition isn’t easy. I miss my kids.

I feel like the content here is important enough to give this piece the honor of being my first official YouTube Vlog. Vlog 01 TLDR: Transition isn’t easy. I miss my kids. Another learning video. I set my Canon M50 up to capture video. I placed my iPhone on the desk to capture a second […]

I’m on YouTube.

What have I done? 😂 If you read the last post, you read these words. I was able to read them without crying for a YouTube video. Canon M50. Check. EF-M 22mm Lens. Check. Ring Light. Check. Now all I need is a better mic for better audio. Look at me create content. I was […]