A change is coming.

Kate the Audi in Black and White

Tomorrow. Part one happens tomorrow.

I tried blonde. Now I’m going to try something different. I’m excited. If it turns out – amazeballs. If it doesn’t? I can try something else.

Image. Watermarked.

I don’t watermark my photos that often. It’s been quite some time since the last one I felt deserved it. This image – I’m quite proud of it. Hence, the watermark. I’m definitely going to have this one printed and framed. I’m still riding life’s roller coaster and it felt good to forget it all […]

A walk in the woods.

Sundays are not usually my day with my kids. The schedule is to have them back with their mom by mid-morning. I wanted to go to a concert this afternoon and the afterparty this evening.

It’s not my fault.

A quick wildflower digital art piece

Before coming out I was really good at one thing in particular. Holding on to the pain and misery of it “being all my fault.” All of the fucking time.