That word should be bigger. It’s so powerful. Even when I try very hard to keep it from being bigger, it just is.

It didn’t hit until after I did my eyes and started my day. Usually doing my eyes helps. It didn’t today.

Apparently, it starts today.

An inspirational TikTok had me bawling.

I knew HRT was already making small physical changes. After this morning, I’m pretty confident upping my t-blocker dose was a good next step. It’s clearly working on the emotional changes.

Star Trek Discovery made me cry sad tears at the mid season ending and happy tears at the season three finale. But that was emotional investment from the beginning and throughout each episode.

I watched a thirty-second TikTok. It ended. The tears flowed. That fast. That easy.

An inspirational TikTok has be bawling. Feeling emotions, and expressing them? This feels amazing.

#HappyToBeMe #Transgender #LiveAuthentic

The cost of a blood test.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I have insurance. It’s pretty decent especially considering where I live. But I wasn’t quite ready for the bill. Sure, I knew I needed the blood test. We had to see where my hormone levels were to help plan the next phase of HRT.

An introduction.

Hello! This isn’t much for a first blog post, I know. The good news is, the website is up and I’m ready to write. It won’t be long before there’s more content here. Thanks for checking in! T Jay

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